Basic stuff starts working

Basic (old) site online… pictures, concert dates, contact…

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    Dear Peter,

    i’m very glad that you chose to contact me this way!

    i was starting to think that i should try looking you up on facebook..
    here’s the issue;
    i have replied to all your mails! but for some reason you don’t receive them. last time i even used a different mail account because i had the sneaking suspicion that my mails might be ending up in your junkmail folder.
    (please check that)
    So what was i replying? the first time that the band was together again was 2 weeks ago so i was asking you if i should wait till that time to get the autographs i promised you or send the cd without them. since you never answered that question i waited.
    long story short; the cd was sent to you on monday so you should almost have it ..with all our autographs!


  2. Dear Mukti!

    I write here, because you don’t answer to my e-mails at gmail.
    I sure, that you are busy, but please give me 3 minutes to answer and tell me what is the situation with my AGSO CD, which I have already paid for.


    Still your fan:
    Peter (Hungary)

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