Beware of imitation!

Masar Kadrievi, our ex trumpet player has started a new band using exactly the same concept as the one Gregor invented 1,5 year ago; mixing gipsy music with ska… He justifies this by saying that we have no right to play gipsy music since we are not gipsies.

(if that were true we would all have to play medieval Flemish folk songs since all music we play and hear today comes from other cultures)

The fact that he had never heard of ska music or even tried to play anything else than traditional gipsy music/instruments before being asked to join the band is not withholding him from claiming that not only the concept is his but also the band name!!! This is ridiculous… when he was still in the band and started to smell success he demanded that the band be called the kadrievi ska orchestra… so why?

The bottom line is that he quit the band, copied the concept and wants us to stop playing because he thinks there’s money in Gregor’s idea and he wants it all to himself. The story of us ripping off the poor gipsies might make a better movie but it’s nowhere near the truth!

So, beware of imitation; original gipsy ska orchestra & gipsy ska antwerpen are some of the variations used to confuse people. Our name is protected so we will take action against concerts using this name. We’ve had enough of this s**t.

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