1st of July is official release date of our new album Tuttilegal

Oops, while we have been in possession of the CD for a few weeks now, it has been brought to our attention that the official release date is the 1st of July. Record stores will not have the CD in stock until then. However, you can order it here straight from our label and all tracks are available for (tutti)legal …

Man down

Alfredo is suffering from tendinitis in his right-hand wrist. Luc Bas from Projecto Secreto is filling in while Alfredo recovers from his injury.


Our full-CD entitled ‘Tuttilegal’ will hit the stores in 1 to 2 weeks!! Suki came back in time to be a part of the record and we’ve had the privilege to work with some of the finest guest musicians in the scene! ‘Tuttilegal’ contains 10 tracks (45 minutes) covering a wide range of styles and influences.

We’ve got a record deal!

We have a record deal with Evil Pinguin records and will be recording a full CD at Motormusic studios the first week of April! Tuur Florizoone is stepping in as producer. Suki is trying to get a visum to travel to Belgium for the recording… keep your fingers crossed!