Beware of imitation!

Masar Kadrievi, our ex trumpet player has started a new band using exactly the same concept as the one Gregor invented 1,5 year ago; mixing gipsy music with ska… He justifies this by saying that we have no right to play gipsy music since we are not gipsies. (if that were true we would all have to play medieval Flemish …

New drummer!

Alfredo has accepted to join the band and will provide us with all kinds of solid grooves. Strap on your dancing shoes!!

Live @Scheld’apen 2005

Here are a couple of our songs we recorded live @Scheld’apen in 2005: Bangbang.mp3 Bubamara.mp3 Ederlesi.mp3 Pussinality.mp3 Usnjevo.mp3

We should soon start recording

Some booking agencies are interested in us but they can’t sell us without a demo… within the next few months we should start recording.

Great succes!

The first concert with Vincent was a huge succes! AGSO continues stronger than ever!