Wolves and Lambs

Our editors Kurt and Paul, (known from their work with 2 many dj’s and soulwax) are finalizing the new video.

New music video almost ready

Our song ‘wolves and lambs’ features a video that will blow your minds. and that’s not all; international remixers are hard at work making their mixes for you. Boooyaaaaa!

Big up to leeuwarden

Bedankt voor de warme ontvangst in asterix/leeuwarden gisteren! Thanx for the warm welcome yesterday in the old jail of leeuwarden!


3 new tracks from the upcoming album (end 2013) for your listening pleasure. httpvh://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s4fAzRUAqsk Wolves and lambs (sound of the police) more of a dark hiphop theme. video clip coming soon! Zvonija, zvonija (a tribute to Ljiljana Buttler) a tribute to the mother of gipsy soul! Kilo Slivovitsa the song from the video. download it for free on soundcloud! Enjoy!

10 years of GIPSYSKA

Has it been that long already? It seems like yesterday that we invented this subgenre… 10 years later gipsyska is permanently embedded on the world map, loads of others bands use the concept in their repertoire and there are even some cover bands who dedicate their time to playing our songs. We are honored! Enough tooting our own horn 😉 …