Next in line! Beatbutcher’s great remix of Wolves and Lambs. download it on Facebook for free!    

Free mp3 downloads on facebook!

today we’re starting our free download action. every week we will release a remix of wolves and lambs First up is Neki Stranac’s excellent Moombathon remix. download it on Facebook for free!    

Wolves and Lambs REMIX EP

The song is brand new and has been remixed by these international dj’s: Neki Stranac (Belgrado), Chalart58 (Barcelona), Café De Calaveras (Amsterdam), Gaetano Fabri (Brussels) and Beatbutcher (Antwerp). These are available for free this month on Soundcloud.

Wolves and Lambs

Our editors Kurt and Paul, (known from their work with 2 many dj’s and soulwax) are finalizing the new video.

New music video almost ready

Our song ‘wolves and lambs’ features a video that will blow your minds. and that’s not all; international remixers are hard at work making their mixes for you. Boooyaaaaa!